14cb4e4PhD Student

Computer Science Institute
University of Bonn

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Room A120
Römerstr. 164, 53117 Bonn
University of Bonn, Computer Science


Short CV

Gëzim Sejdiu is a PhD Student & Research Associate at the University of Bonn. Gëzim’s research interest are in the area of Semantic Web, Big Data and Machine Learning. He is also interested in the area of distributed computing systems (Apache Spark, Apache Flink).

Research Interests

  • Big Data
  • Data Mining and Data Analysis
  • Semantic Web and Semantic Search
  • Machine Learning
  • Distributed Computing


  • Big Data Europe Integrating Big Data, Software & Communities for Addressing Europe’s Societal Challenges
  • SANSAOpen source platform for distributed data processing for RDF large-scale datasets
  • ML-DSLs – Domain Specific Languages for Machine Learning algorithms


  1. Lule Ahmedi, Lavdim Halilaj, Gezim Sejdiu, Labinot Bajraktari. Ranking authors on the Web: A semantic AuthorRank. Lecture Notes in Social Networks, Springer, 2014.
  2. Gezim Sejdiu. Semantic Ranking of Web Pages – The Wikipedia Case Study. Master Thesis, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Prishtina, Kosova. 2014.